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Donor Engagement Dashboard


Helping increase donor engagement and repeat donations (Spring 2015)

Technologies used: Django (for web application framework), Python (for web application backend), jQuery (for writing JavaScript more easily), D3 (for data visualization)

About the Project

Givology’s dashboard for donors was not serving its purpose. The dashboard provided little feedback to donors of their overall impact. Also, the dashboard did not actively encourage donors to return or give repeated donations.

About the Client: Givology

Givology is an online giving marketplace where people can browse and sponsor students and education projects in the developing world. A 100% volunteer-run organization, it partners with grassroots education organizations that lack marketing resources and are unfamiliar with using the Internet for fundraising and building awareness.

You can find a link to their website here.

Dashboard with impact wheel, trending/recent donations, and goal setting Dashboard with impact ticker and volunteer hours log


“Givology’s dashboard now provides feedback to donors of their overall impact and actively encourages donors to return or give repeated donations.”

The Team

Spring 2015 Team members:


  • Impact wheel: donors are able to see all their donations visualized in one space

  • Trending and recent donations - donors are encouraged to give further donations through suggestions on the dashboard

  • Goal setting: donors can set personal donation goals or compare their activities against a Givology Challenge

  • Impact ticker: a banner with pictures of all the organizations the donor has donated too

  • Volunteer hours log

Technical Challenges

  • Initially the exact scope of the project was unclear but after 2 weeks of talking with the clients and brainstorming features that would really add to an engaging donor dashboard a detailed specification was drawn up and mockups created. The entire team contributed to the brainstorming of features and provided feedback for the mockups before they were sent to the client to be approved.