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(Fall 2015)

Technologies used: Flask, SQL, Semantic-UI

About the Project

“The goal of this app is to facilitate more interactivity between the leadership (national and regional admins) and the community of military women. The current website is very flat and mainly displays information. The admins want to learn more about the community (where they are, what they care about) so they can figure out how to better help military women.”

About the Client: Women Veterans Rock

“Women Veterans Rock is a Coalition of Women Veteran Organizations and Women Advocacy Organizations Supporting Women Veterans & Military Families in The Areas of: Housing; Employment; Education; Financial Stability; Health & Wellness.”

You can find a link to their website here.

Map Dropdowns Profile


“Women Veterans Rock has a 10 year commission, beginning in 2010. For the first 5 years, the focus has been on connecting veterans to jobs, resources, housing. Now they are halfway through, and the mindset is maturing into thinking about what happens after 2020 when the commission ends.”

The Team

Fall 2015 Team members:


  • The web application will allow military women (defined as any women connected to the military, through veteran status, spouse, or family) to register for an account.

  • The app will display user profiles and allow searching through user profiles.

  • There will be a map that will display how many users live in each town or city.

  • There will be a map with local resources.

  • Users will be able to review resources and list new ones.

  • There will be a way for users to donate.

Technical Challenges

  • One technical challenge was displaying the number of resources for a region in the map. At different levels of zoon, the map had to show different numbers of resources for a specific region.