Hack4Impact isn’t just for nonprofits.

Our work provides us a unique opportunity to learn and develop technical skills. Education is at the core of Hack4Impact’s mission, and we work hard to create an environment where we are always learning from our work — and from each other.

For the Student Community


Hack4Impact members helped run the Civic Hacking route at PennApps XIII, encouraging hackathon participants to build something that solves a pressing societal issue. The winning app, Foodship, connects homeless shelters to restaurants willing to donate leftover food. You can read more about civic hacking at PennApps on our blog.

Speaker Series

Each semester, Hack4Impact sponsors several speaker events with industry professionals in the fields of business, social impact, technology, data science, and public policy. These events are open to the entire community and are a great way to gain exposure to opportunities and issues outside the immediate university environment. There’s also free food!

Interested in joining Hack4Impact?

If you have programming experience at or above the level of an introductory level computer science class (such as CIS 110), and you want to apply your classroom knowledge to the real world — making a concrete improvement in people’s lives — then Hack4Impact is the club for you.

We place a strong emphasis on peer mentorship and learning, so we’ll teach you everything you need to know about designing and building web applications. No experience beyond programming fundamentals is required to join Hack4Impact.

As part of the team, you will learn how to identify user needs in order to design and build a working product. You’ll have a chance to experiment with and build new technologies. You’ll also hear from professionals across different fields with our public speaker series.

New member applications are currently closed.

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