About the Project

User Scenarios

  • Example User Scenarios

    • As a user, I want to search…

      • Information about a specific case

      • Information about a specific category of crimes

    • As an admin, I want to…

      • Add and remove users from the platform


  • Search, Filter, and Compare

  • Filter crime data by different categories

    • Cost

    • Judge

    • Arresting Officer

    • Judge

    • Municipality

    • Race

  • View information about a specific crime

    • History

  • Data Visualization 

    • Graphs across categories 

    • View Statistical Information

      • Mean, median, sum, min, max, standard deviation, percentiles 

  • Scalable to millions of documents NOPE

  • Data scraping NOPE

    • Scrape PDFs from the existing web portal and output Excel file

      • Existing programs that can do some of this: CLS code + ACLU Volunteer Code

  • User Management Flask Base

    • Invited Users

      • Can use the app

      • Can invite other users through email

    • Admins

      • Can update the existing crime data within the application

      • Can invite new administrators and users

        • Invite through email! No one can register as an admin if they are not invited already.

      • Can remove users

About the Client

The ACLU was founded in 1920 and is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to defending and protecting our individual rights and personal freedoms. The ACLU of Pennsylvania has more than 50,000 members, and our funding primarily comes from individual donations and some grant funding. The ACLU's growth primarily comes from legal and advocacy victories that they use to highlight their important work and reach new members.

Main Features


The project will be a success when we are able to select a specific crime and a specific municipality or judge and see a list of cases and statistical information about those cases. By running these reports, we will be able to compare trends in different counties and courts. This will help us drive our policy and advocacy efforts, as well as our legal work in the courts.

Tech Stack