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Spring 2022

Oakland Lacrosse

Player and parent portal to view and rsvp to Oakland Lacrosse events.


Project to revamp keep id's application's page and backend pdf-engine.

Fall 2021

Meg Foundation

Meg Foundation is a nonprofit that works to prepare people of all ages with pain management. Whether it's vaccinations or chronic pain, Meg Foundation allows users to learn more about managing their pain through helpful infographics, personalized plans, and more. Our platform does just this. Geared towards teens, our solution for Meg Foundation allows users to tailor pain plans and export them via text or email.

BirthWorks International

Dashboard to access, filter, and search users in Birthworks unified databse.


This project was a data visualization dashboard to provide teachers analytics on student progress and learning.

Spring 2021

Afya Pamoja

A web app to view healthcare metrics from healthcare facilities.

Black Innovation Alliance

The project is an interactive filterable map that showcases the Black Innovation Alliance partners. It allows users to view partners by their location and to find partners using multiple filters or by searching for keywords.

Gift Card Bank

Gift Card Bank works to connect donations in the form of gift cards to those who need it. Gift cards are specially positioned as oftentimes wasted, and offering a secure way to transfer a donation for a very specific purpose. Gift Card Bank has a special platform that matches and connects those who need Gift Cards to those who want to give them away quickly and efficiently. Our solution serves as a crucial administrator console for Gift Card Bank. With a variety of features, our web application was built within GCB's tech stack, and encompassed necessary features for GCB administrators.

Fall 2020

Automated Patient Tracker

Enabling low-income patients of chronic diseases to track and manage their condition easily via a SMS Chatbot.

Almost Fun

An analytical tool to help teachers improve the cultural and demographic inclusivity of their classroom reading lists


Here2Serve is a volunteer management system for critically ill children, families, and their communities.

Spring 2020

Onward Financial

Developing digital tools to help employers provide tools to their low- to moderate-income employees to break their paycheck to paycheck cycle.

Open Book Philadelphia

Searchable database of City spending on professional services contracts

Princeton Gerrymandering Project: Hofeller Files


Recently, the daughter of one of the GOP’s key gerrymandering strategists released a fileset belonging to her father. The files may contain information around controversial gerrymandering tactics used in redistricting, but in their current form they are almost impossible for journalists to navigate.


Online web application to navigate and search the Hofeller files dataset. Should be a tool for journalists to identify trends and patterns in the files and easily be able to navigate to related files. The application would provide an interface to search through the files and filter through different types of data.

The project would provide much needed structure to the data set to enable effective navigation and analysis of the files. In doing this it would enable a larger audience to dig into the files and gather their own insights from related and connected files.

Fall 2019


An online platform for individuals to sign up and volunteer for PEC, as well as obtain clearances.

Spring 2019

Whistleblower Database

A portal for whistleblowers to exchange ideas about spreading information, expanding the reach of the Goverment Accountability Project.

Best Friends Animal Society

Project for Best Friends Animal Society

The Philadelphia Alliance for Child Trauma Services

Map based application for PACTS

Spring 2018

Penn ArtsLink Project Page Thumbnail


ArtsLink is a free web tool to help Philadelphians find quality arts experiences in neighborhoods across the city.

Giving Project Volunteer and Donation Management Tool

Streamlining volunteer and donation management for the Bread and Roses Community Fund

Core Scholars

Scholarship requirements management application for the CORE Scholars Foundation

Penn ArtsLink Project Page Thumbnail


ArtsLink is a free web tool to help Philadelphians find quality arts experiences in neighborhoods across the city.

Giving Project Volunteer and Donation Management Tool

Streamlining volunteer and donation management for the Bread and Roses Community Fund

Fall 2018

Philly Tenancy Tracker

Helping low-income and at-risk tenants in Philly keep track of important information related to their tenancy in order to fight against unjust evictions.

Immigrant Defense Project

This project will help the IDP coordinate immigration-related pardons in partnership with legal service providers and community organizations.

These pardon applications, which include letters of support from friends, family, and community members, a statement from the applicant, a cover letter outlining the legal stakes of the pardon, and other supporting documents, will be submitted to Governor Cuomo of New York to prevent unjust deportations.



There is comprehensive doctor discipline data available across 50 different state medical board sites. However, it is not easy to look at standardized data across the different state websites. The public has no way to know if their in-good-standing physician faced disciplinary action in a different state. Prior reporting has shown that many doctors move from state to state after receiving a disciplinary action as a way to cover their tracks.


ProPublica wanted to create an app with standardized, comprehensive data about their doctors across the states.

We used python package selenium for scraping and did a few states. We also incorporated multithreading which enabled multiple states to be scraped simultaneously. States had disciplinary files (sometimes hundreds which is why the multithreading was important) associated with doctors as well, so also incorporated aws to store these

Fall 2017


We created a volunteer onboarding and management system for Madaktari Africa.

Next Generation Scholars

A portal for counselors and students to manage college application deadlines and tasks.


A web application that allows invited users to search and compare up to 40 million Pennsylvania state criminal cases based on publicly-available information. Administrators will also be able to update the criminal case data in the application.

Habitat For Humanity

Web application to add, track, and perform backend calculations for applications to Habitat for Humanity programs.

The product is designed to be used by the volunteers of Habitat for Humanity. The product will enable a volunteer to enter all information needed to perform calculations. Then the product will complete those calculations and tell the volunteer of any stops or flags. The product will keep track of all the applicants and allow a volunteer to search for an applicants based off a number of search parameters.

Learn more about Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia here:

Spring 2017

Legal Check Up

Hack4Impact worked again with Community Legal Services (CLS) in Spring 2017, this time developing Legal Checkup, an API with a web interface designed to allow users to call multiple APIs at once. CLS hopes that Legal Checkup will make it easier for legal advocates to conduct holistic reviews of their clients’ legal needs.

Close Calls Philly

Close Calls Philly is a web application Hack4Impact developers built for the Clean Air Council, an environmental nonprofit that leads a variety of sustainability and health initiatives in Philadelphia.

Fall 2016

Location History Analyzer

An open source tool to quickly organize millions of Google location history points by bounding box into a single spreadsheet with weekly summaries.

Asylum Connect Catalog

A dynamic, online, centralized database of service providers useful to LGBTQ asylum seekers in the U.S.

Youth Matters Philly (Maps4All)

Helping foster youth find resources in the local Philadelphia area.

“Each year, approximately 800 youth age out of the child welfare system in Philadelphia without being placed with a family. These youth face significant challenges finding housing, employment, getting health care, making ends meet, and navigating the foster care system itself.”

Internet Weather App

In partnership with the The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.

Our goal is to create a kind of "internet weather app," a component of our larger Internet Monitor project that will allow users of mobile devices to check the status of the internet access, censorship, cybersecurity climates around the world, with both global and individual country views. We think this will be hugely valuable in spreading awareness of internet freedom and access issues, as well as providing convenient access to timely, high-quality data to journalists, researchers, and advocates. The app will provide, simple, striking data-rich visualizations, while being as easy to understand and use as an actual weather app. It will grab all the data it needs from our existing internet monitor api server.

Spring 2015

Givology Donor Engagement Dashboard

Helping increase donor engagement and repeat donations


Incentivizing middle schoolers to write daily and engage with feedback from university writing tutors

Nonprofit Overhead Analyzer

Enables nonprofits instantly compare their expense rate to others' and find areas for savings

Fall 2015

Idle Free Philly

Map application for Clean Air Council

Fall 2015, Spring 2016

Reading Terminal Market Procurement

Reading Terminal Market Procurement Project

Fall 2014

Philly Food Finder

Map-based web app to find local food resources.

iCAN Road to College

Connect mentors with high school students who had gotten into college to mitigate "summer melt".

Kiva Crowdsourced Due Diligence App

Leverage volunteers to more quickly review loan applications from sustainable social organizations worldwide.

Juvenile Sentence Cost Calculator

Calculates and compares different expenditures for juvenile sentences to help attorneys and advocates


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