About the Project

We helped implement accountability mechanisms by organizing and visualizing patient survey data to help hold clinics accountable, produce data driven insight, and inform decision making for the Ministry of Health. Our web app allows admin-added users to login and view a dashboard which displays various metrics regarding patient care. Within the dashboard, the users can filter the data by visit care type and location (i.e. region, council, and district).

About the Client

Afya Pamoja seeks to improve healthcare in Tanzania. While there are many healthcare clinics, health outcomes still remain poor. To improve the services provided by these clinics, strong performance management systems are needed. Afya Pamoja aims to collect patient feedback data and use it to guide decision making for health officials.

Main Features


We want to improve healthcare services in Tanzania, but clinics do not have reports on performance metrics. There are 6,000 public primary care facilities which provide healthcare for 50 million people, but unfortunately healthcare outcomes are poor. For example, maternal mortality is 100 times higher than in some high-income countries, and twice as high as in its neighbors, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. 81% of facilities fail to meet government quality standards, but the current paper and pen management systems are insufficient. For the 20 facilities Afya Pamoja has spoken to about their feedback systems, the average number of pieces of patient feedback received in suggestion boxes was just two per month. However, evidence shows that citizen feedback is essential for building accountable healthcare systems and can drive reductions of up to 38% in infant <5 mortality.