About the Project

The goal of this tool is to support K-12 teachers in improving the cultural and demographic inclusivity of their classroom reading lists. Teachers input their reading lists using data from the Google Books API, complete a guided self-evaluation, and receive a set of suggested readings based on results and class demographics. We hope this tool will encourage teachers to provide students with engaging and inclusive reading material that better represents them.

About the Client

Almost Fun has a mission to empower marginalized students with culturally-responsive learning resources that build true, conceptual mastery of skills. Their goal has always been to help students find joy and true understanding within their learning, and are now applying this approach to K-12 Math as well.

Main Features


In US Education, there is a lack of cultural and demographic inclusivity in reading lists for classes. Almost Fun helps to mitigate this issue by providing metrics of inclusivity in reading materials, as well as results and recommendations for teachers to use in their own classrooms.