About the Project

The project is a centralized database for Birthworks’ clients with a user-friendly frontend to query the database for complex information. For example, which clients are in need of re-certification within 3 months. It combines data from Birthworks’ two websites and it is connected to Birthworks’ WoCommerce to parse purchase information and use that to deduce information about the clients.

About the Client

Birthworks is an organization that helps women have more trust and faith in the knowledge that their bodies know how to give birth. Birthworks provides childbirth preparation through workshops and certifications. Furthermore, it allows the lookup of more complex queries such as all the members who are in need of re-certification within 3 months. This provides Birthworks with new functionality that makes targeting users for advertising much easier.

Main Features


The Application provides a central database for Birthworks’ administration, which leads to reduced time in querying information about clients. This improves Birthworks’ productivity and allows their staff to prioritize developing training material instead of spending too much searching for information.

The app successfully migrated data of over 900 users from Birthworks obsolete older website. This can save Birthoworks from having to keep their unused website running only for the data.