About the Project

An online web application that serves as an administrator console for Gift Card Bank. The application provides the user of the console an interface to interact with and view data from main databases that include information on applications, gift cards, and matches. More specifically, the user is able to take a look at the current applications (details of the application as well as the user), determine the status of the application (validate, reject, etc.), upload gift cards through csv, match gift cards and users, manage existing inventory of gift cards, etc.

About the Client

Gift Card Bank’s mission is to “improve well-being and financial security by supporting people through their time of greatest need.” Their services allow anyone to donate their spare gift cards and matched them to those in need. Gift Card Bank is a technology-driven platform, transferring gift cards those those in need within three days of receiving donations. Gift cards provide a flexible source of financial support, but also provide the donor with transparency in how funds will be used. Gift Card Bank also takes cash donations and transfers them into gift cards for matching.

Main Features


Our project with Gift Card Bank helped our client redevelop an existing platform into a more efficient one that integrates with their existing codebase. The application serves as an important tool for Gift Card Bank in managing their operations. It is an in-house application that improves on points such as scalability, feature flexibility, and customization compared to its current counterpart on Retool. Since Gift Card Bank’s founding, they have been able to distribute over $6.5 million in gift card value, translating to 2.6 million meals for struggling Americans.