About the Project

This project manages volunteer activities/tasks. It provides a calendar to sign up for tasks to help families, gives volunteers multiple reminders of what they signed up for in advance of the task date, has a blog, medical updates with auto email blasts, offers links to other sites as menu items, and much more. It also captures volunteer hours through the platform and offers a look-up table as part of the registration process so potential members can select the online community they wish to join.

About the Client

Here to Serve was founded in 2011 and we believe that young families who face the life- threatening health crisis of a child should not be left to collapse under the strain of a health care system that treats physical wounds, but inflicts fiscal ones. Coordinated support from family, friends and the community is needed to avoid the high rates of illness, death, bankruptcies, and lost productivity at work families with a critically ill child who doesn’t qualify for government support. Here to Serve stands in the gap to identify, mobilize and organize a community of support to avoid physical, emotional and financial collapse of the family and caregiver. We are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit funded by donations of individuals, corporations and through fundraising events. Our vision is to be in every Children's hospital in the U.S. supporting families who do not qualify for government assistance (middle and lower middle-class families who live paycheck to paycheck and pay for private insurance). We are in a foundation-building year poised for significant growth in 2020. We are working on IT infrastructure this year in order to position us for program growth in 2020.

Main Features


This project offers flexibility in the blog component of the platform including incorporation of photo collages, videos, photo cropping and placement variations to allow tracking of member volunteer hours. Coupled with an effective look-up table as part of the registration process so potential members can select the community they wish to join. This allows Here2Serve to be more attractive to the hospitals they approach to partner with increasing the impact of the project as we develop more hospital partnerships.