About the Project


  • Different roles:

    • Admin:

      • Manage accounts

      • Change default checklist items

      • Change survey

      • Pair applicants with legal advisors

      • Manage user status

    • User:

      • Take eligibility survey

      • Manage their own account

      • Fill out checklist items

      • Upload documents

    • Partner:

      • Edit bio

      • Pair applicants with legal advisors

      • Manage their own account

    • Legal Advisor:

      • Edit bio

      • Get paired with applicants

      • Provide legal advice

      • Manage their own account

  • Virtual Checklist

    • Items are on the checklist of every single applicant by default

    • The items are uniform, and must be completed to be considered for pardon

    • Administrators are able to add, edit (title/description), and delete default checklist items for the users on the platform.

  • Matching legal advisors

    • Admins can see all the applicants, and manually match legal advisors to these applicants. Legal advisors are then able to access application information and screening tool results to support individuals in their application process.

  • Email reminder functionality

    • Admins and legal advisors can send text/email reminders to applicants to ask them to upload relevant documentation or complete items on the checklist. These text/emails can be scheduled or sent immediately.

About the Client

The Immigrant Defense Project (IDP) works to secure fairness and justice for US immigrants in both the criminal and immigration systems, where:

  • You can be locked up for years without ever seeing a judge

  • You have no right to a lawyer if you can’t afford one

  • You have to navigate complex laws alone, sometimes not speaking the language

  • You may face mandatory detention and deportation for smoking marijuana, shoplifting, or using fake papers to work

  • You can be punished again for a mistake made 20 years earlier

IDP does the following to address these issues:

  • Offers legal advice and trainings

  • Advocate for laws and policies that protect the human rights of immigrants

  • Defend communities and grassroots groups with valuable resources

  • Counter the demonization of immigrants and people with criminal convictions.

Last year, volunteers at IDP answered 2000+ hotline calls, trained 8000+ community members and advocates, and prevented ~1000 deportations.

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