About the Project

The project consisted of adding several features and improvements to Keepid’s existing application which are: 1) Overhauling the current PDF form-filling application engine from backend to frontend. 2) Create a new optional information feature on the client landing page to allow clients to fill in the information on their own time and not have to enter the same information repeatedly for different forms. 3) Integrating moving parts into a single, user-friendly experience aimed at a less tech-literate demographic.

About the Client

Keep.id aims to improve the lives of individuals experiencing homelessness by providing a HIPAA-compliant platform for case managers (other non-profit partners) to assist clients experiencing homelessness in obtaining, securely storing, and utilizing government-issued ID to apply for aid services.

Main Features


As Keep.id is first and foremost a product built with empathy and social change in mind, the project increases the number of partnerships, and customer satisfaction with our platform, and minimizes the time it takes a person experiencing homelessness to obtain identification. The project also provides well-defined product/technical documentation, adequate test coverage, maintainability, and observability for failures in production.

Tech Stack