About the Project

CLS wanted the ability to search multiple legal databases for pending lawsuits involving a client with one request.

Key functionality of Legal Checkup:

  • Developers can add tools that return legal information when called.

  • Users can call multiple such tools with one request

  • Users can search available tools by region.

Technical Challenges:

  • CLS didn’t have a clear vision for what they wanted.

  • The first few weeks were mostly focused on understanding the problem and product design.

  • After showing them our MVP, the client liked it and wanted to move forward.

About the Client

Founded in 1966 by the Philadelphia Bar Association, Community Legal Services (CLS) has provided free civil legal assistance to more than one million low-income Philadelphians. Approximately 10,000 clients were represented by CLS in 2016.

Main Features


Metrics measured to show impact:

  • # daily users

  • # regions covered

Tech Stack