About the Project

Community Legal Services routinely deals with issues regarding wage theft from employers. In most cases, employers withhold payment for overtime hours and, as a result, employees must sue for their rightful wages. To prepare for these cases, CLS goes through an extensive interview process with employees to construct a detailed sequence of events regarding their whereabouts for the times in question. However, this process is very time and cost intensive. However, for employees who have android smartphones with location history tracking enabled, this process can be streamlined by analyzing their entire location history data. That is where we stepped in. We created a way to analyze years of location history for relevant data all without uploading data to a server, guaranteeing data security and privacy.

About the Client

Community Legal Services of Philadelphia (CLS) is the first pro-bono legal clinic in the greater Philadelphia area, serving thousands of individuals since its inception.

You can find a link to their website here.

Main Features


By creating this application, we saved CLS lawyers countless hours in interviewing victims of wage theft. Additionally, this product allowed cases to proceed to legal proceedings with an objective source of legal evidence for many clients. CLS is releasing this product to other pro-bono legal clinics in order to help them with the process of combating wage theft across the nation.

Tech Stack