About the Project

The aim for this project was to create a plan builder with pain management techniques that empower patients in their interactions with healthcare providers. With our pain management platform, users are able to save their created plan as a PDF or image and share it with friends and family through email and text.

About the Client

Meg Foundation’s mission is to empower kids, families (and adults) to prevent and manage pain. There is 30 year gap between the pain management research and the clinical practice, and the implications are far more than a hard few minutes at the doctors office, and Meg Foundation seeks to close that gap, by raising awareness of pain management techniques.

Main Features


By creating this pain management education platform, we are helping Meg Foundation enable users to take control and address their anxieties around pain, wherever they are. Not only will they be able to download and save, or even share pain management plans, but there are larger implications to help people of all ages address their pain management. From a young age, kids develop a fear of doctors, and that fear can impact their health care decisions for decades to come. Never has the impact on public health been more apparent than in the middle of the largest mass vaccination effort in history. Our work has drawn so much attention that our Pain Management platform has had to expand its capabilities to handle more users.