About the Project

The project is a simple system where Oakland Lacrosse administrators can create events. Registered users are able to view the event see their details, RSVP, and check to see if they have already RSVPed. Information about events and user registration/information is stored in the database and is available for administrators to view.

About the Client

Oakland Lacrosse is a 501(c)(3) based in the Bay Area, California, that aims to support local students and foster leadership development, academic excellence, and physical fitness by integrating lacrosse training into the students’ programs. The organization holds various events and programs for all its members and hosts teams for their spring lacrosse season.

Main Features


The project will lead to increased family engagement and coordination. In time we would build out a language capacity online as well. Parents having digital access to game schedules increases attendance, and the communication function increases parent volunteerism specifically through carpooling and game day tasks.