About the Project

  • Financial ROI Widget: An algorithm on our website that website visitors can use to see an estimate of how much money their businesses might lose each month, year, etc if they have financially unstable employees. 

  • Financial Wellness Survey:  Employer-focused savings behavior survey for employees. We want to offer potential employer partners a free tool to test out, learn about their employees' savings behavior in advance of their signing up with us.

About the Client

Onward's mission is to employers provide tools to their low- to moderate-income employees to break their paycheck to paycheck cycle.

Onward has been the recipient of the honks of Best Nonprofit in Tech, a member of the 2017 Fast Forward Accelerator Batch, and is supported by Blackrock, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Google, Stanford GSB, etc.

Main Features


The Financial Wellness Survey tool allows business owners to learn about their employees' financial situation through curated financial wellness surveys. The tool has a data analytics page that provides owners with more insight into their employees' financial wellness through data.