About the Project

Administered by the City Controller’s Office, Open Book Philadelphia is an easy-to-use, searchable database of City spending on professional services contracts. It also makes it possible to find other important City transparency information, such as lobbyists and financial disclosures, in one central location. Contract data is updated quarterly and is sourced directly from the City’s open data portal.

About the Client

As the independent financial watchdog for the City of Philadelphia, it is the mission of the City Controller to promote the effective and efficient operation of Philadelphia government. Under City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart, the office is committed to transparency, accountability and good government. Open Book Philadelphia aims to increase transparency by providing access to important financial information about City contracts, campaign finance, lobbyists and financial disclosures.

Main Features


Open Book Philadelphia was a result of Hack4Impact's work with the Philadelphia Office of the City Controller to centralize City transparency information.

Tech Stack