About the Project

Until now, all merchant-vendor interactions have taken place offline. 

Our goal:

  • Introduce greater transparency into the merchant-vendor market by making all vendor listings and prices available to merchants.

  • Allow smaller vendors to be easily discovered 

  • Discourage artificially high prices

Make merchant-vendor interactions more efficient.

Vendor Features:

  • Create their own business profiles with contact information, address, business description, payment preferences

  • E-mailed with new invoiced orders from merchants

  • Post listings to the site with :

    • Item Picture and Description

    • Cost per Unit

    • Availability

    • Etc.

Merchant Features:

  • Ability to:

    • Filter and Search Listings by price range, 

    • Store Favorite Items

    • Add Listings to Shopping Cart

    • Checkout to receive e-mail consisting of invoices for each individual vendor in order to complete transactions offline 

    • View invoice history

About the Client

Reading Terminal Market!

Main Features


Help vendors and merchants have more efficient, transparent interactions

Tech Stack